Bicycle Rental

To schedule a bike rental, call us at (305) 872-0130
Reservations recommended November thru April

Type of Rental Half Day (same day return) Daily Rate (24 hour) 1 Week Rate (7 days) 2 Week Rate (14 days) Monthly Rate (31 days)
Beach Cruiser $10 $12 $48 $70 $100
21 Speed Cruiser $14 $16 $64 $94 $130
Kids BMX $8 $10 $40 $60 $90
Road Bike $50 $55 $220 $325 $500
Bike Carrier $1.50 $1.50 $9 $16 $26
Child Seat $2 $2 $12 $24 $48

……………………………. See “Rental Bike Descriptions” at the bottom of this page……………………………..

Helmet & Lock included with bike rentals

 A photo ID must be presented

$15.00 Rental Bike(s) delivery fee
$15.00 Rental Bike(s) pick-up fee

(For delivery / pick-up between the 7 Mile Bridge & Sugarloaf Key)
A map of the local area (Big Pine, No Name & Little Torch) available on request.

If you wish to reserve a rental bicycle, please wait until it is less than a month from your arrival. The computer doesn’t react well to reservations from more than a month and sometimes deletes them.


Beach Cruiser Bikes are single speed bikes. You pedal backwards to brake. They come with a basket, a lock, a big seat, fat tires and a helmet. The bikes are meant for total comfort.

The 21 Speed Cruiser gives you a comfortable ride with the ability to shift gears to an appropriate pedal speed. It also has a basket, a big seat with a suspension seat post, a lock, fat tires and a helmet.

The BMX / Kids bikes are great for kids to ride. We have very small bikes with training wheels up to larger BMX bikes for the more adventureous kids.  In the state of Florida it is a law for anyone 15 years of age or younger to wear a helmet so we always include helmets for these bikes.

The Road Bike is the KHS Flite 500. They have carbon forks, carbon stays and a carbon seat post. They are surprisingly light. We have a 60cm, 58cm, 56cm & 54cm frames. We include a cadense computer, frame pump and a tool kit for just in case you have a problem. Calling in a reservation helps because we have a limited number of road bikes. We include a helmet with this rental. IF YOU WANT US TO INSTALL YOUR PEDALS, BRING THEM WITH YOU, WE MAY NOT HAVE THE CORRECT PEDAL FOR YOUR NEEDS. (The bike comes with standard platform pedals)

The Bike Carrier is great for carrying 2 bikes on the back of your car or SUV. The bike carrier will fit on most vehicles.

The Child Seat will carry an infant up to a weight of 45 pounds. They are very safe for children. The seat has a 3 point harness so a child can’t fall out by accident. It also reclines a little. It can also be removed quickly if you need to take the seat off the bike. This includes a helmet for the child.